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Artist Statement | Parallel Art Fair 2022

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Das Schicksal von Vösendorf
"The Fate of Vösendorf"


In her exhibition "The Fate of Vösendorf" at the Parallel Art Fair 2022, the artist processes her personal struggles and locates their origin in patriarchal society. In the works she depicts her failure in mundane everyday situations, which solidifies her daily self-doubt. The absurdity of the depictions reveals the artist's frustration with the expectations that her social environment - and subsequently society as a whole - places on her.

When: September 6th - 11th 2022

Where: former Semmelweisklinik, Hockegasse 37, 1180 Wien

Room A029 | House A | Ground Floor

Opening: 06.09.2022 | 17:00 – 22:00

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday | 13:00 – 20:00, Saturday – Sunday | 12:00 – 19:00


PARALLEL VIENNA celebrates its tenth anniversary!

The tenth edition of the art fair will take place from September 6th – 11th 2022 once again in the former Semmelweisklinik, named after the important doctor and obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis, in 1180 Vienna. The curatorial team invites emerging as well as established artists from Austria and abroad to show their artistic positions. Around 170 rooms of the former maternity clinic and hospital school will be occupied by more than 600 artistic positions.

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