Marlene Heidinger *1996, lives and works in Vienna, AT

2014 - 2020: University of Applied Arts in Vienna under Judith Eisler, Class for Painting and Animation.

She works in the field of painting and experimental animation film, as well as illustration and choreography. She is currently working in her studio in the 16th district.

Exhibitions, prizes & publications 

November 2021 | NORM-AL, a show at 
Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna curated by Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Dr. phil. Marion Elias

September 2021 | Exclusion Expulsion, a show at 
Studio Fauland, Graz curated by Gregor Fauland

September 2021 | Das beste spiel wird auch zu viel, a show at Im Werd 17 with Erin Patricia Sankey
curated by Marlene Heidinger

June 2021 | Sicc released, a show at Galerie Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 curated by sicc.zine

May 2021 | Sicc.zine Vol. II, an experimantal comic zine by sicc.zine

June 2020 | Sicc.zine Vol. I, an experimantal comic zine by sicc.zine

March 2020 | Cute but Creepy, a show at Die Schöne curated by Manuel Horak

January 2020 | Super Privater Raum, diploma show at Die Angewandte

Juni 2019 | Openings, a show at Angewandte Festival, screening of Investigativ

November 2018 | Essence 2018, screening of Der Nasenbohrer

June 2018 | Winner of the Mickey is Art competition of Disney France

June 2018 | OLU Open Air Festival screening of Short Film Wiener Menue for two

June 2017 | Atelier Theater showing of Short Film Herbert

March 2017 | Vienna Airport Postcard Design Award

January 2017 | Showing of Short Film Memory Lane at Austrian Culture Forum in London

December 2016 | Screening of Shortfilm Honey I forgot the Condoms at the Museum of Contraception in Vienna

April 2016 | Schier Heiter a show curated by 
Titania Seidl at Heiligenkreuzerhof in Vienna

September 2016 | Showing of Short Film 
Powerstroke at the Vienna Contemporary Artfair